Hacka2thon - Ann Arbor Hackathon - Nov 11th-13th


Who can come to Hacka2thon?

The event is open to everyone! So if you are a student, non-student, Ann Arbor resident, or even resident of Ohio, you are all invited to come. We do have a limited number of tickets(100), however, so get yours soon! We break down our 100 tickets into three categories:

  • Developer / Programmer — 50 Tickets available
  • Business / Marketing / Misc — 30 Tickets available
  • Designer — 20 Tickets available

Why so many programming spots? We really want a Hackathon to focus on coding and developing awesome ideas. That being said, we know how important design, marketing and business skills are, so we don't want to leave them out.

What is the point of Hacka2thon?

The main point of Hacka2thon is that you come in and build something, from start to finish, in 36 hours. Want to build something great in Arduino? You can come in and do it! Got a great web app or mobile app idea? Go for it! As long as it deals with technology and follows the official rules (below), you can do it!

What are the categories for Hacka2thon?

Right now, the categories for the competition are:

  • Best designed product
  • Best unique product
  • Best student submission
  • Best open-source product
  • Best mobile app
  • Best web app
  • Best overall app
  • A few “sponsor based” categories that we will reveal at the competition

As you can see, there will be plenty of opportunities to win prizes!

What are the prizes for Hacka2thon?

Right now we have Best Buy gift cards, a Kindle 3G, and tons of Microsoft games — and that's just the start! All told, we will have over $2,000 worth of prizes at the event — but you have to buy a ticket to be a winner!

Where is Hacka2thon going to be held?

  • TechArb
    McKinley Building Basement
    500 E. Washington St
    Ann Arbor, Michigan (Map it!)
  • North Quad Space 2435
    105 S State Street
    Room 2435
    Ann Arbor, Michigan (Map it!)

Additional Notes on the Hacka2thon location spaces:

Hacka2thon is being hosted at two locations, TechArb and North Quad. Here's the breakdown:

  1. TechArb is an incubator space that the Center for Entrepreneurship graciously allowed us to use for our Hackathon event. It's located in the basement of the McKinley building on 500 E. Washington St. This location is 24 hour access, so after the initial kickoff, it will be used as the main space for the event
  2. North Quad is the beautiful new residence hall that houses the School of Information and beautiful meeting rooms. We will be using Space 2435 in North Quad for initial kickoff, speakers, meeting spaces for teams, and final presentations. The address for North Quad is 105 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI, and the room is NQ 2435.
When is Hacka2thon?

Hacka2thon is scheduled for Nov 11th-November 13th, starting at 4PM on the 11th and continuing until 4PM on the 13th, a total of 48 hours

How Much is Hacka2thon, and where can I get tickets?

Hacka2thon is only $15 dollars! To get tickets, visit our Eventbrite page on hacka2thon.eventbrite.com

Official Rules for Hacka2thon

  1. Hacka2thon participants must be registered for the event. If you haven't bought a ticket, you can't participate or win prizes!
  2. Teams will form and register from 4-6PM. It is fine to come with a preexisting team, but if not, we will have a space for idea people and developers to do some "speed dating"!
  3. Applications/Hacka2thon entries should not be under development prior to the contest kickoff.
    • Pre-existing code libraries and artifacts are allowed, but it must have been available for free (Open source/demo code) at least 3 months previous, and must be specifically mentioned before presenting Hacka2thon entries on Sunday. IE, you can use an open source project as a base for something bigger, but you can't come into the event with code already produced by yourself or your team unless it has been available freely as open source.
  4. The development tools, frameworks and application focus are entirely up to the participants. It doesn't neccesarily have to be a Web App or Program — For example, Show us the coolest thing you can hack together with Arduino

  5. Participants are expected to bring all tools and software necessary to build their entry. Organizers will provide caffeine, food, and a place to program, but you might want to bring miscellaneous supplies like power strips, computer mice, etc.

  6. Hacka2thon will not be providing places to sleep, so if you are coming from out of town, check out a hotel within walking distance to the event. The closest hotels are the Campus Inn, and the Bell Tower Hotel
  7. Applicants will be expected to present their apps in person to the judging panel at 12:00pm on November 13th.
  8. Prizes will be awarded at 3:00pm on November 13th.
  9. Prizes include:
    • $400 in Best Buy gift cards
    • Amazon Kindle 3G
    • Tons of Microsoft video games
    • Much more to come!
  10. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Hackathon coordinators (This is the first time we've done this event, so we might have missed something. This is just in case we did!)